Introducing ... MI Turbo Membership Builder

A unique and simple way to protect your "members-only" web pages and content.

What is MI Turbo Membership Builder?

MI Turbo Membership Builder is a web server application that enables you to quickly control access to web pages and content located within your password-protected "membership area".

Why MI Turbo Membership Builder?

  • Easy To Use

    MI Turbo Membership Builder is easy to use.  Simply upload the MI TMB files to the web server directory you want to protect.  Then activate MI TMB and you have a password-protected “membership area” in minutes.

  • Control

    Any web pages and content you put behind your “membership area” will require a user name and password for access.  Additionally, MI TMB enables you to limit the number of locations (Internet (IP) addresses) from which a user can access the membership area, thus preventing unlimited sharing of user names and passwords.  Control user registration with an “invitation code” that is required for users to register for your membership area.

  • Save Time and Money

    In many cases, other membership software can be complex, and hard to install, configure and setup.  In general, overkill for your application.  You do not need complex membership software to create a simple password-protected membership area.  MI TMB is perfect for simple, straight-forward membership area applications. 

  • Optimized

    MI TMB is optimized for simple password-protected membership areas.  No need for time-consuming complex software installation, configuration and setup. And, yet, MI TMB is powerful, flexible, and enables you to quickly protect your member-only web pages and content.

How does MI TMB work?

  • 1) Upload

    Upload the MI TMB files to your web server (hosted or own environment). 

  • 2) Activate MI TMB

    Activate your “membership area” (as described in the included installation video).

  • 3) Log-in and Configure Your Membership Area

    This includes:

    • page to redirect to on log-in,
    • page to redirect to on log-out,
    • create invitation codes,
    • among others.
  • 4) Upload Web Pages and Content

    Upload web pages and content to your membership area. Alternatively, with the Pro version, you can use MI TMB to create web pages and add files directly to your membership area.

MI Turbo Membership Builder Includes the Following Core Features

  • Password-Protected Membership Area

    Create a password-protected membership area to control access to your “members-only” web pages and content.

  • Limit Access From Multiple Locations

    Limit the number of user locations (Internet (IP) Addresses) that can access the membership area.  This helps you prevent unlimited sharing of user name and password information for uncontrolled access to your membership area.  

  • Redirect To on Log-in

    Configure which page the user is redirected to after log-in.  The default is index.html in the main membership directory.

  • Redirect To on Log-out

    Configure which page the user is redirected to after log-out.  The default is the membership log-in page.  With this feature you can direct users to other areas of your web presence on log-out.

  • Invitation Codes

    Limit and control registration for your “membership area” to users that have an “invitation code”.

  • Simple, yet Powerful and Flexible

    Many membership applications on the market are overkill to create a basic password-protected membership area.  MI TMB is easy to install, configure and setup, but it is also powerful and flexible.  Get creative to implement multiple-level membership areas and “drip-feed” content.

MI TMB Basic
  • Personal Use License - Unlimited Use on Domains Owned by Buyer
  • Password-Protected Membership Area
  • Limit Login from Multiple Locations
  • Redirect-To on Login
  • Redirect-To on Logout
  • Invitation Codes for Registration
  • Installation & How To Use Training Documentation & Videos Included
  • Free MI Support for 6 Months
  • Web Hosting/Server: PHP v5.6 Required
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MI Turbo Membership Builder

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