MI SuiteOMatic

Manage Your Business From A Single Dashboard!

  • Manage Leads and Customers
  • Manage Employees
  • Manage Work; Projects, Tasks, and Events
  • Manage Communications with Customers and Employees

MI SuiteOMatic


Add customer information, and manage projects, tasks, contracts, invoices and communications, among others.  Send credentials to your customers so that they can access the platform and view information about tasks, contracts, invoices, messages, etc.


Add, track and manage leads.  Turn leads into clients.


Add employees.  Manage attendance, holidays, and time off.

Work: Contracts, Projects and Tasks

Add contracts.  Create projects.  Add tasks and assign them to employees or clients, track progress.  Note: the Task Board is a Kanban tool.


Create estimates and invoices (based on Products available in the system, or 'Additional Items').  Handle and track payments.  Track expenses.


Clients and Employees can create Tickets.  Define a group of Agents (Employees) to manage Tickets in the system.

MI SuiteOMatic Pro