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MI Premium Plugins software, documentation, and videos and bonuses (as applicable) will be made available through our secure website.  Please check your email account for an email message [from MarketInformatycs or ProductDyno] with specific instructions on how to access and download the software and documentation.  Thanks, again, for purchasing the MI Premium Plugins Bundle!

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What do these premium WP plugins help you do?

Building a list of prospects is critical to the success of your business or organization. MI OptinEngage helps you build high-converting, list building "opt-in" landing pages for your WordPress (WP) websites. Drive traffic to your "opt-in" landing pages and watch your list of potential clients grow!

Find out what your website visitors, prospects and customers want and need! MI SurveyEngage is a WordPress (WP) plugin that enables you to setup and run surveys directly from your website.

Let your customers know when your special offers and promotions will be ending. Add countdown timers to your WordPress website offer and sales pages, and to your email messages, too!

Keyword "tips" draw attention to icons, images, or hyperlinks on your website. Use MI Keyword ToolTip (a WP plugin) to point out special offers or any other information that you think your site visitors will be interested in when they hover over the keyword.

Create a custom dictionary for your WordPress website to help give your visitors the information they need to make an informed decision about your offers, and to keep them on your site longer (which helps Google favor your website in the search engine rankings resulting in more organic traffic to your site).

Setup and manage a link for each keyword ("name") used on your WordPress website to improve visitor engagement and facilitate website navigation, and also display "title" information when a visitor hovers over the keyword.

Add banners to your WordPress website(s), and track delivery and conversion [click-rate] performance.

Add multiple titles and/or multiple featured images to your WordPress posts to test the performance of your headlines and/or featured images. Track click statistics and rank top performers.