Introducing ... MI Productivity Software Suite

A suite of three (3) productivity applications - MI Kanban, MI MindMap, and MI Envision.

What is MI Productivity Software Suite?

A suite of three (3) core productivity applications - MI Kanban, MI MindMap, and MI Envision.  MI Productivity is a suite for Windows PC software (compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10).

Why MI Productivity Suite?

  • Easy To Use

  • Be More Productive and Effective

  • Save Time and Money

  • Evision and explain ... create mindmaps, diagrams, and flow charts.

What do these software applications help you do?

MI Productivity

MI MindMap

Mindmap your ideas from big picture down to the tactical details.  Mindmaps help you explain and make complex concepts clear.

MI Kanban

Kanban (or "signboard" in Japanese) is a visual task organizing and scheduling system designed to improve efficiency.

MI Envision

Envision your ideas through process diagrams and flowcharts.

MI Productivity Software Suite

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Product Availability

MI Productivity software, tutorials, and bonuses (as applicable) will be made available after purchase through our secure website.  Please check your email account for access/login details.

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