Introducing ... MI BasicPlugins Bundle

A basic set of WordPress plugins to help you build your websites and engage your website visitors ...

What is MI BasicPlugins Bundle?

MI BasicPlugins Bundle is a package of WordPress plugins that are designed to help you build your website, engage your visitors, and even includes basic protection for "subscribers-only" content.

Why MI BasicPlugin Bundle?

  • Easy To Use

  • Engage Customers and Potential Clients

  • Save Time and Money

  • Simple Protection For "Subscribers-Only" Content

What do these WP plugins help you do?

MI BasicPageEditor

Simple WordPress page builder. Create basic WordPress pages with a good layout and structure.

MI PricingPage

Create custom and personalized pricing pages.

MI OptinPlus

MI OptinPlus helps you build high-converting, list building video background "opt-in" landing pages for your WordPress (WP) websites. Drive traffic to your "opt-in" landing pages and watch your list of potential clients grow!

MI PopUps

Create popups to help catch your website visitor's attention and implement calls to action.

MI Lightbox4

Create a lightbox with four images.  This plugin is ideal to

  • Showcase the 4 key points of your product or service, and
  • Guide the viewer through any 4-step process.

MI MemberContent

Simple protection for "subscribers-only" content.

MI BasicPlugins Bundle

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Product Availability

MI BasicPlugins software, documentation, tutorials, and bonuses (as applicable) will be made available after purchase through our secure website.

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