Five Inexpensive Ways To Attract More Visitors To Your Website


“Build it and they will come” does not work anymore (if it ever did). On the Internet, attracting visitors to your website(s) is essential to your success.  One option is to pay per “click” to drive “traffic” to your website(s).  And paying for traffic works, but it’s far from the only way to attract visitors to your sites.  The following are 5 very inexpensive (“free”) ways to attract more visitors to your site(s):


  1. Use Social Media Networks To Attract Visitors


Every business (online or offline) should also have an account with the primary social networking sites, depending on the type of business or website they operate. And they should use their social presence to direct visitors to their website(s)! It’s easy and it’s (essentially) free.  What do you need?  Followers.  Take the time to understand your audience, and add them to your social media network(s) (as applicable and appropriate).  Then you can post valuable and relevant content that also includes a link(s) to your website(s).


  1. Create, Curate and Post Useful Content


Once your followers click on that link in your social media posts, they should be directed to valuable, relevant, and useful content. Search engines such as Google and Bing have an algorithm that takes into account how much relevant content you have on your website. The search engines will then rank your website(s) higher based on whether your content is viewed as relevant and useful for the market you serve. Content is the cornerstone of SEO.


  1. Optimize For The Search Engines


It’s also important to optimize your website(s) for the search engines (Search Engine Optimization (SEO)).  Essentially the idea behind SEO is that if you rank higher in the search engine results, traffic will flow to your site(s) from those who search online for your types of products, services, or solutions.  (Also see: ).


  1. Include Your Website URL In Your Signature


Do you participate in or are you a member of online forums and groups? There could be hidden traffic in forums and groups. Request access to popular forums and groups (as applicable), and start posting relevant content. Remember to edit your signature to include your website’s URL. If members like your posts they may get curious and click to visit your website.


  1. Look For Other Free Ways To Promote Your Website(s)


There will always be free ways to promote your website(s) and business online.  These may include online listings, content in online directories, and free classified ads, among others.