5 Tips To Make Your Videos Look More Professional

One of the most important things to aim for when creating a video to promote your brand, products, services, or website, is that your video has a professional look and feel to it.  This is crucial if you want your videos to be successful, and to make your brand appear polished and respectable. For a small business, professional looking videos can help elevate your brand to the next level so that prospective customers and clients take you more seriously and are willing to purchase your products and services.

But how can you make your videos look more professional?  Here are some easy tips…

  • Add A Professional Logo

Create instant brand recognition by add a professional logo to one of the corners of your video.

Add your logo in other ways, too.  For example, include a mug or other artifact with your logo on it in the video.  Or wear a shirt with your logo on it.  You could also hang a flat screen TV on the wall and have it show an image of your logo!  All of these elements help create brand awareness and promote your business.

  • Use a Green Room to Shoot Your Video

Using a green room will give you more options to enhance your video later on during the editing process.  Even if you do not have a green room, search for green rooms in your area and you might find they’re available at libraries, universities, schools and other facilities where you can rent them out for the day.

  • Use Multiple Cameras

Set up two (or even three) cameras so that you have footage from different angles.  Then you can switch between the different video footage streams which gives you more options when it comes to editing your video later on.

  • Add Music

Background music can really enhance your video.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Search for free stock music that you can add in the background.  However, make sure it’s not too loud so that it doesn’t interfere with your message.

  • Dress The Part

If you’re going to be in the video, you may want to “dress the part” to make sure you look professional.  This is important because you want to look like a knowledgeable and authoritative company spokesperson (not someone that just walked in off the street).

Having said that, while you want to look sharp, you also need to avoid overdoing it.  You also want to look comfortable and relaxed.  For instance, if you wear a tuxedo you may just end up looking awkward and uncomfortable.  Not good!