MI Software offers a suite of software products and services to help you build and expand your business online.

MI VideoPlayer

Make Your Website Videos More Attractive and Engaging!

Use MI VideoPlayer to play your videos in high-definition surroundings and engage your viewers with advanced features such as banners and calls-to-action.

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Market Research and Lead Generation Software Tools

Business Web Server Applications

MI Turbo CourseBuilder & MembershipBuilder Bundle

The MI Turbo CourseBuilder and MembershipBuilder bundle offers a unique and simple way to create an online course, and to deliver and protect your course content using a password-protected "membership-area".

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MI Turbo List Builder

Create high-converting online "optin" landing pages!

MI TLB is a web server application that enables you to quickly and cost-effectively create website "optin" landing pages to help build a list of potential clients for your organization or business.

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MI Turbo Membership Builder

Simple password protection for your "members-only" websites!

MI TMB is a web server application that enables you to easily and quickly create a password-protected "membership area" to control access to your product and "members-only" web pages and content.

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MI Turbo Site Builder Pro

Build your own websites!

MI TSB Pro is a web server application that enables you to quickly create single-page websites.  Based on structured sections, it's designed to remove the complicated steps to create a website.

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WordPress - Plugins and Tools


Do you use WordPress (WP) to build your websites? Do images play a critical role in the look-and-feel of your website and its content?

If you use WordPress, FotoPress can help enhance the quality of, and user experience on, your website.  Improve visitor engagement by using images that have been enhanced with special effects and edits directly inside WP.

FotoPress is a Photoshop-like WP plugin that enables you to search for, import, and edit images directly inside your WP website.

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