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MI GIF Animator & MI Button Builder software, documentation, video tutorials, and bonuses (as applicable) will be made available through our secure website.  Please check your email account for an email message [MarketInformatycs] with specific instructions on how to access and download the software and documentation.  Thanks, again, for purchasing the MI GIF Animator & MI Button Builder software bundle!

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What do these software tools help you do?

Attention is harder to get than ever before!  Inform your customers and potential clients about your products, promotions and events in a more interesting and appealing way.  Use short video clips known as GIFs as a key element of your digital marketing strategy!

MI GIF Animator is a software script that you install on your web server (web hosting account or local server) that enables you to easily create GIF animations.

Whatever your digital marketing strategy is, you will need powerful call-to-action buttons on your websites and online properties to drive leads and sales.

Create amazing call-to-action buttons for your websites with MI Button Builder!